Prepare medical personnel for military trauma, test biomedical devices, and provide hyper-realistic medical education using a lifelike "patient" and without endangering human life.

Maximum Fidelity Surgical Simulations can create a “living cadaver” with a functioning vascular system that responds to medical treatment like a living patient. Joss Fernandez, MD, FACS, RPVI, is the inventor of our patented envivoPC™ technology and Simblood, which we use to create hyper-realistic cadavers. Our surgical simulations mimic heart function and replicate life-like circulation better than any other technology on the market today. We can even add a ventilator to mimic breathing.

How our service works

MAXFI-0002 perfusion-icon.png

Our perfusion specialists use a pulsatile pump, reservoir, tubing, and Simblood (our patented blood solution) to perfuse your cadaver. There is also the option of a blood clotting solution for hemostatic agents.

MAXFI-0002 heart-icon.png

The perfusionist can control heart rate, volume, and pressure throughout the procedure. 

MAXFI-0002 heart rate-icon.png

The perfused cadaver mimics the heart rate, stroke volume, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and blood loss of a live patient.

MAXFI-0002 pulse-icon.png

The surgeon can use the cadaver’s pulse to find surgical landmarks and access points. 

MAXFI-0002 Simblood-icon.png

Synthetic Simblood behaves like real blood, including changing the color and integrity of tissue in response to bioconditions.

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The cadaver can be perfused multiple times and reused for various procedures over two weeks.