The envivoPC™ system provides the realistic markers of human life, without the risk of patient injury or death, to advance surgical proficiency and medical innovation. The system effectively brings the anatomical gift of a human cadaver back to bleeding, breathing functionality, providing live tissue integrity to optimize medical experimentation and readiness. 

Bring envivoPC™ into your labs for a genuine anatomical replication of a live patient, including:


  • Life-like tissue integrity, anatomical accuracy and a functional circulatory system

  • Capability to control heart rate, volumes and pressures

  • Realistic human landscape, allowing a trainee to feel a pulse and find surgical landmarks

  • Greater Competency and confidence prior to interventions on patients


The system provides realistic and flexible training and practice for medical and surgical procedures in conditions that most closely approximate the operating room. Your researchers and surgeons will experience the pressure of visual impairment and urgency caused by bleeding, increasing their ability to successfully perform with your device in a live patient situation.



We are currently working with several implantable medical device manufacturers within the United States.