See how our technology provides the most hyper-realistic experience possible for medical trainees.


The envivoPC™ Solution

Our research and experience show that students learn better and gain greater confidence when working with human tissue compared to a plastic simulator or computer. Surgeons have called our system the best possible training platform.

Key Advantages

  • Students perform realistic surgeries without the risk of patient injury or death

  • Life-like bleeding mimics intense situations with challenging and realistic physical and time constraints

  • Practice in high pressure situations builds muscle memory for the skills that save lives in the operating room


  • It eliminates the need for live specimens and veterinarians

  • The system is portable, flexible and cost effective and can be used for multiple procedures, with multiple students, over multiple days

Highlights of Recent Labs and Training

University of Washington, Harborview Medical Center Lab

During our two-day training lab, the system ran for ten hours each day, allowing for more than fifteen procedures to be performed on a single cadaver with very little fluid loss and no breakdown. 

Rush University

In front of an audience of senior residents and fellows, we demonstrated the complications that can arise from bleeding during a surgery. If this demo had been a real trauma situation, the patient would not have survived the blood loss.

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans

We conducted a boot camp for more than thirty first-year residents from local hospitals. Over eight hours, the residents were simultaneously trained in multiple procedures, including central line access, trocar and laparoscopic surgery.

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